Couture. The word conjures up glamour, high style, models and
runways. It’s true that couture is all of those things. But it is not only
available to the select few in the fashion capitals of the world. Working
with a high-end couture designer, like head designer Maggie Burns of
Marie-Margot Couture, means that every gown will not only be a
reflection of your individual vision, but will also fit your body to perfection
– because it was designed and hand-sewn just for you.

So, simply put, why buy couture?

Couture is the ultimate way to express your personal style and
see it transformed into a distinctive work of art.

A couture gown is one of a kind. It ensures you complete
exclusivity. You are unique and your gown should be too.

A finely fashioned couture gown is a valued family heirloom,
treasured through the years for its beauty and emotional

A couture gown provides the luxury of a flawless and flattering
fit. Your body is one of a kind and your dress should highlight
every physical asset.

Only the highest-quality silks, satins, and laces are used in the
creation of a couture gown.

When you choose a couture gown, you are guaranteed personal
attention from a high-level, professional designer who understands
exactly how to transform your vision into reality.

Couture is a tradition with a long history that allows you to incorporate
current trends if you desire, or create a gown that completely transcends
contemporary fashion - becoming a truly timeless expression of your
individual style.




First, think about the kind of wedding you envision and the way you want to
feel on that once-in-a-lifetime day. Will your special day be romantic,
sophisticated, formal, casual, or perhaps something else altogether? Then
picture yourself in the setting: are you in a beautiful garden, on a distant
beach, in an old church, on a woodsy mountaintop? Imagining the mood and
the setting will help you picture the wedding dress of your dreams.

Once you start to make those initial decisions, it’s time to contact Marie-
Margot Couture. Using the highest quality silks, satins and laces, head
designer Maggie Burns will work with you to turn your vision into a breath
-taking bridal gown that you will treasure forever.

Maggie will be involved at every step along the way, to make sure your
dress is everything you hoped it would be. The typical process includes:

The initial personal consultation

A muslin fitting

Four additional dress fittings, to achieve the picture-perfect

look and fit

Final delivery of your new couture gown

Couture gown pricing starts at $2500.